Personal Performance Feedback Form

Evaluating your own performance and judging it on the basis of several factors is a kind of an action or activity that can help anyone improve his/her performance, whether it be at work or at a particular task. A personal performance feedback form is a document which helps people evaluate their own performance by marking or scoring it. Such a form is generally issued by working entities for its employees so that they can themselves review their performance and come to a conclusion about it.

  • A personal performance feedback form can be considered as a self-evaluatory tool which helps people figure out where they are lacking and what they can do differently to improve their performance or efforts.
  • The feedback form is generally provided with objective or subjective type questions which the respondents have to answer in order to give their honest opinions or feedback. The form is provided with the basic headlines while the rest of the spaces are to be filled in by the employees.
  • A personal performance feedback form allows employees to rate themselves rather than being rated by the employer and is an effective way that companies use to evaluate overall workforce performance.

Sample Personal Performance Feedback Form:

sample of performance evaluation

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