Nomination Forms

Nomination forms are the written document used for selecting or nominating someone for a particular job, election or bestowing award or honor. Hence, the content of this particular kind of form differs according to the matter it is depicting. Moreover, it should elucidate the effective point in order to conduct an effective nomination process.

Despite the kind of nomination process it is depicting, the designer of this form must emphasize on following points in order to carry out an effective nomination process:

  • The designer should realize the importance of the form before constructing it. Hence, the readability and clarity should be maintained without being verbose.
  • The forms should be so constructed that it must create provision to differentiate between two nominees and the selection process becomes easier for the authority concerned.
  • Mainly the designer must emphasize on the crucial points and organize each part of it according to the priority.
  • Outline the forms graciously, so that the intended person finds it interesting to answer and the nomination process could be carried out at an ease.

An effective nomination form does not require much effort to construct but it should be designed in such an approach so that it could serve the intended purpose thoroughly.

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