Lease Credit Application Form

A lease credit application form needs to be filled up thoroughly before an individual applies for lease credit. On the basis of this, the decision pertaining to whether or not the application for credit will be granted is taken. The form is very structured and has specific segments dedicated to different information. There are three basic segments namely:

  1. Personal detail: This section is about the personal details of the applicant has to his name, address, date of birth, sex, email address, marital status, residency status, number of dependants, drivers license number, occupation details as to current job status, previous jobs etc.
  2. Segment of assets of liability: This part of the form includes the details on the assets of the applicant as in the properties he owns, the vehicle he owns, financial savings, other investments etc. The liability details include credit card liabilities, house rent etc.
  3. Statement of income & expenditure: The final section of the form focuses on the income and expenditure details of the applicant in term of their salary, returns from investment, rental property income, other wages, mortgage, insurance expenditure, household expenses, and credit card expenditure etc.

Post filling these details the applicant has to sign the form and provide the pertaining documents.

Sample Lease Credit Application Form



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