How to Write an Authorization Letter

An authorization form is an official document that assigns a person the right to represent an individual in any official procedure. These forms generally come in handy when one is unable to perform some tasks due to some unavoidable circumstances and therefore authorizes another person to carry them out on their behalf. However these forms should be drafted with extreme care as the person hence authorized is granted the power to sign any deal on the behalf of the issuer, their signature being treated as the signature of the undersigned.

Authorization forms find use in a wide range of sectors. Following are a few instances:

  • Medical Authorization Form: authorizes the medical personnel the right to treat or operate their patients even in the absence of the patient party during cases of emergency.
  • Credit Card Authorization Form: authorizes credit card companies to make payments on behalf of the credit card holders.
  • Work Authorization Form: authorizes an employee to accomplish a certain job on behalf of another.
  • Child Care Authorization Form: authorizes a certain person to act as a guardian to a child in the absence of its parents.
  • Background Check Authorization Form: authorizes a certain authority to investigate and conduct a background check of an individual in order to assert his or her credibility.

Despite the various types of authorization forms, the basic guidelines for drafting them remain the same for all. These are:

  • The form must provision for contain all sorts of relevant information about the authorized person as well as the person transferring the power.
  • The form must have ample space for allowing the person concerned the scope of clearly stating the purpose of the authorization.
  • The form must bear lineation for incorporating the extent to which the authorized person would be allowed to exercise his or her power and time period of this process.

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