How to Write an Assessment Form

Assessment forms are basically used to evaluate a certain situation or assess an individual in accordance with the standards set by a particular organization. Since these are official documents that are meant to represent the performance and status of individuals in black and white their significance in the everyday functioning of any sector is extremely crucial.

The content of an assessment form is supposed to be very much specific to its purpose. Hence the drafting of assessment forms that is to be used in a given sector differs remarkably from the other. For instance, health assessment forms find their use in both official as well as domestic level and play a key role in determining fitness of any individual. Physical assessment form again may be consulted by medical personnel in order to chart the course of a patient’s treatment. Whereas, hazard assessment forms estimate the danger level of any given place and help in identifying areas that tend to be risk prone.

Nevertheless, despite the differences, there are certain fundamental tenets that one must abide by while drafting an assessment form.

  • The form must have space for inserting the seal or emblem of the organization or person issuing the form in order to impart a notion of authenticity and professionalism to it.
  • An assessment form should bear space for laying down intricate details about the subject that is supposed to be assessed.
  • Employing a multiple-choice or yes/no format extricates faster response and ensures better completion rates.
  • The form must be easy to fill. Language used must be lucid so that the respondents need not be verbose to understand what is required of them.
  • The form must be comprehensive. This would not only ensure that the respondent remains engaged during the act but also makes things easier for the one processing the information.



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