How to Write an Appraisal Form

The main objective of an appraisal form is to present a kind of review or information about a certain product or event. These are extensively used in business today in order to acquaint potential customers with a product and establish a fruitful professional relationship between them. Appraisal forms act as an advisor for consumers guiding them to make the right purchase by providing them an insight about the merits and demerits of the product. The inference drawn from an appraisal form may turn out to be positive or negative as per the opinions of the respondents filling the form.

Depending on the kind of overview it presents, an appraisal form can be of various types:

  • Car Appraisal Form: these forms are mainly used by car agencies in order to sketch an overview of a car and thereby aid customers who are toying with the idea of purchasing it to make their decision.
  • Job Appraisal Form: these are used to assess and analyze certain jobs and its prospects that would help individuals in making the right career choice.
  • Jewelry Appraisal Form: these forms find use in jewelry shops for making cost evaluation of jewelries that customers may refer to while selecting their purchase.
  • Performance Appraisal Form: these serve as an effective tool in examining performance of employees in an office.

However regardless of the kind of appraisal form one needs to draft, there are certain basic rules that one may like to consider before documenting an appraisal form.

  • The forms must have lineation for incorporating basic personal information about the user.
  • The questions must be set in a way that it elucidates proper unbiased responses of the user about the concerned product.
  • Special provision must be made for accommodating additional comments from the user that may enrich the overview of the concerned subject.
  • The form must be comprehensive, lucid and easy to use.

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