How to Write an Application Form

The very purpose of an application form is to officially register an application. Hence, depending on the purpose they are used application forms can be of various types like application forms for jobs, admission, bank accounts, passport/visa, housing so on and so forth. Since application forms are meant to contain detailed information about a certain plea, the contents and requirements of application forms are very purpose specific. For instance, the lineation vital for a college application form would be very much differing from an application for the opening of a bank account; or the outlook of an application form for employment would differ heavily from an application for passport or visa. Again the format required for an application form for housing would differ in style and image from a contest application form.

However despite the apparent differences, there are certain basic details that stand common to all sorts of application forms, regardless of their content or purpose. These are the basic information that any applicant is required to fill in order to foreground their credibility before the concerned authorities. Hence, basic personal information like name, contact details, personal details must be included in all application forms. Apart from these there are also a few points that if considered may enrich any application form.

  • Creativity: although the application form requires a format that is rather drab, serious and no nonsense in tone, injecting it with a pinch of creativity, innovation and fun element may ensure better completion rates and engage the concentration of the applicant.
  • Comprehensive: the form must be to the point and comprehensive so that filling it does not become a tiresome affair for the user.
  • User friendly: the approach of the application form must be candid and the lineation must be clear, readable and easy to understand. It must in no way challenge the comprehension of the applicant and should rather guide him into successful completion.

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