How to Write a Complaint Form

In today’s age of consumer awareness, it has almost become an imperative for any entrepreneur to establish a healthy professional relationship with the customer and pay heed to their likes and dislikes. One of the manifestations of this need is the complaint form that is issued by business organizations to offer their customers a platform to lodge their complaints and voice their opinions. Complaint forms therefore serve a very important role in conveying customer dissatisfaction to the manufacturers and provide them a chance to improve or improvise their products or services for better reception.

Depending   on the subject of the feedback they offer, complaint forms can be of several types like consumer complaint form, patient complaint form, employee complain form, sexual harassment complaint form, etc. However, although these forms may vary in terms of the content as per the purpose they are being used, the basic format remains the same for all. Following are a few guidelines that one may abide by to draft a perfect complaint form:

  • Since complaint forms are a tool to gauge customer reaction to a certain product or services, the key is to not demand information that may reveal the identity of the customer. This would ease the respondent and help them to give sincere responses.
  • The form must have lineation for incorporating description of the product concerned. This would serve as a double edged tool in specifying the given product as well as in understanding the perception of the respondent about the product.
  • The complaint section must have ample space for accommodating the respondent’s evaluation of the item and their reason for complaint. This would also help in gauging the sincerity of the consumer. The date when the respondent used the product or availed the services must also be sought to help track records.
  • A suggestion box may be inserted for the respondent to voice their opinion, recommendation and suggestions for product improvement.

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