How to Write a Bill of Sales Form

The purpose of a bill of sales form is to report the sale of a certain product to a particular customer. These are legal documents that are extensively used in business these days to avoid sales complications as it acts as an evidence for the transfer of ownership of a particular item from the seller to the purchaser. Since these provided valuable information regarding sales, the forms must be drafted non-erroneously. Following are a few points that might be helpful in documenting a bill of sales form.

  • The form must have provision for inserting the name, logo and contact details of the company conducting the sales.
  • There must be lineation for incorporating basic essential information the date, place, time and valuation of the sale.
  • Ample space must be provided for describing the item concerned sufficiently.
  • There must be space for providing detailed description of all monetary transactions. The amount paid, kind of payment made must all be described satisfactorily.
  • The terms and conditions of the sales must be mentioned in the form. Bill of sales form can be conditional or absolute depending on the kind of agreement made between the two parties.
  • The form may bear space for entering details about the course of action that may be followed if the product bought is found to be defective or faulty. The terms and conditions upon which exchange may take place in such conditions may be mentioned clearly. The guideline concerning the exchange program adopted by the company may be incorporated in the form.
  • The monetary details may be best represented in a tabular form for easier processing of data.
  • There must be lineation for mentioning the name and contact details of the customer to be used for future reference.
  • The sales policy followed by the company may be mentioned in the form.

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