How to optimize registration forms? (Infographic)

Quite often we come across people who skip away the site just because it requires a registration to get the necessary work done. Netizens are growing more and more impatient day by day and there is a great need for the industry to adopt itself accordingly.

Here are some facts and tips to optimise an internet registration form so as to ensure that it is user friendly:

  • Always make sure that the registration form is precise and short
  • Better provide social media logins as an alternative to registration
  • If you think that the registration is very necessary, limit that to four (or even less)
  • Try out free and unlimited access to have much a better conversion rates if possible
  • Design your pages such that the forms are always on the right margin of the page for better results
  • Auto form fills with back end process will improve the userfriendliness
  • Inappropriate and unnecessary fields are to be avoided or made optional

Some design aspects are also to be taken care of for better submission and conversion rates which are discussed in the following infographic in detail.

How to optimize registration forms

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