Hotel Customer Feedback Form

A hotel customer feedback form is prepared for use by the hotels and other similar organisations in the hospitality industry. The hotel customer feedback forms are as the name suggests to be filled in by the customers of the respective hotel. The form helps the hotel officials/ owners to get a direct feedback from customer about the services and the outlook of the hotel. In the competitive world today it is important that all business types cater to the needs of their customers. This form helps hotels do exactly that. The form is a pretty straight- forward and precise piece of document.

The plain feedback forms are handed out to the customers who then fill them out and hand it over to the hotel. In this way the forms facilitate the hotels task of accessing customer satisfaction. It also helps the hotel authorities to adjudge any kind of changes or tweaks that may help improve the hotel’s ability meet consumer needs and do business. These forms usually contain info like the basic personal details (name, age, contact no), the customer’s purpose of visit, the customer views on the services/ facilities provided, the standard of the provisions etc. many other information or details as may seem relevant for the purposes of the hotel.

Sample Hotel Customer Feedback Form:

Hotel Customer Feedback Form

Download Hotel Customer Feedback Form

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