General Contractor Invoice Form

A general contractor invoice is a kind of a document of bill which is used by contractors of various types and descriptions. This means that such invoices are general in nature and not service specific and can be used by anyone who is a contractor by nature. These invoices can be used by construction contractors, plumbing contractors, roof repair contractors and many others. A general contractor invoice form on the other hand is a ready to use general contractor invoice which can be used to enter particular details of each contractor job.

  • A general contractor invoice form is already provided with all the fields that a contractor may need in an invoice. Some of these fields include the name of contractor, name and contact of client, the description of services provided, the cost of each service, the total cost and the date of services.
  • The invoice form for a general contractor can be customized and used in bulk b contractors.
  • This means that by using such forms, a contractor can save a time of his/her time which might have been spent on framing the invoice each time after providing services.
  • These forms can be downloaded from the web easily.

Sample General Contractor Invoice Form:

General Contractor Invoice Form2


Download General Contractor Invoice Form

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