Firearm Purchase Form

Firearm purchase form refers to the piece of document which an individual purchasing a firearm must fill in to initiate the purchase. Any portable barrelled weapon that is made to launch one or more than one projectiles i.e. a portable gun qualifies as a firearm. Firearms are dangerous and cannot be freely possessed by anyone and everyone. There are proper laws in place which govern the possessions of firearms in a country. The legal aspects of the possession and the use of the firearms though widely depend on the jurisdiction of the respective area. Filling of the firearm purchase form is just one and the probably always the first step in the whole legal process.

A lot of documents are to be filed with the form a list of which is given in the form. These purchase forms will contain the name, the address, date of birth, a photo ID proof issued by the state/ federal authorities of the individual who is applying for the purchase of the firearm. The details of the firearm which are included are make of the firearm, the model/ serial number and a state/ federal affidavit stating the individual’s fitness/ eligibility to purchase the firearm. The purchase of firearm and possession thereof is very critical function and must be done in adherence to the law.

Sample Firearm Purchase Form

Firearm Purchase Form

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