Event accounting form

An event accounting form is required to ensure a complete track of all the expenses to be meted out for all the events carried for your business. Such a form would be of great help during the audit processing in your office. Now, what do you find in a complete event accounting form? Well, to start with, the form will start with the name of the event, the event date, the name of the event coordinator & account. The next row will detail all the needed information about the cash used for the event such as number of paid participants, the fee required and total sum collected.

Then, the form will ask about the reimbursement information. These will include data on the person to be reimbursed, the items purchased, the total reimbursement value and any comments or special instructions on reimbursement. Now, the form would query about invoices regarding the event. This section important if your business has to pay for the outside contractors. Finally, the event accounting form will ask the name of the workers involved in the event, the work done, the payment for work etc. The form will end with the query that whether the document has jotted all the event costs or not.

Sample Event accounting form

Event Accounting form


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