Debt Management Application Form

Are you wondering what debt management service program? Well, then it includes debt settlement, credit repair, activities of loan modification, financial education programs. It also helps you to deal with a huge amount of credit card debts. If the present circumstances prevent you from maintaining the regular monthly payments then debt management programs provide an option for consolidate pay into a reduced payment per month.

Basically debt management plan helps you consolidate your debt. You can avail this facility through credit counseling agencies. For providing such services, the credit counseling agencies charge something and help to cover the expenses on behalf of the customer. The debt management application form will mention about the services, terms and conditions of the credit counseling agency from whom you are taking professional assistance. It will also carry facts regarding the details of the fees and payments you are supposed to pay for hiring the services. It is a legal settlement between both the parties to avoid unnecessary hassles. Generally the contract starts with the name of the service taker and service giver. All the rules and regulations mentioned in the three page form should be followed religiously. Signature at the end of the form is a must.

Sample Debt Management Application Form




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