Contractor Reference Form

Whenever you start a new project, or you are about to hand it over to a contractor, you would wish to check his references. Only a good reference would give you the confidence on the contractor you choose, also you would be able to take a look at all the projects he has handled till date and be sure that you are in good hands. All these parameters can be checked up on the Contractor reference form. Any other client with whom the contractor has worked in the past can fill out this form and he can retain this to make a business as and when he gets a new project to establish his credibility. This form must have the contractors name, address, agency’s name and other personal details. It should clearly mention the clients name and details who has assessed his performance on the form. He needs to mark how satisfied he has been with the contractor’s performance, whether he has delivered high quality result within the expected time frame. It should also contain points on customer satisfaction. This can be judged by seeing how innovative his ideas were, how well he has communicated ideas and also how cost effective his plans have been. The ratings should be given between a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Sample Contractor Reference Form



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