Construction Contractor Form

The construction business is a risky one and it is very important that you maintain proper documentation for each process. When you are looking at constructing your home or office, you would like to find the best contractor to carry out this job. Along with that, you need to take care that you have very clear documentation of the agreement you have with him. A Construction contractor form comes in handy in such instances.

The form is basically an agreement document between the two parties. It should mention the names of the parties, the address and other personal details. Along with that, a specific duration must be mentioned on the form. This should be the time taken between the signing of the deal till the project is completed. The contractor must abide by this timeline.

Along with the dates, there should also be a mention of the usage of raw materials. Either you should get the materials for the contractor or he himself should acquire those. Depending on this, the pricing needs to be fixed. The mode of payment, if in bulk or in installments, needs to be mentioned on the form as well. Also, in case there is a failure to deliver on time, the penalty associated with that must also be captured on the form.

Sample Construction Contractor Form

Construction Contractor Form

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