Car Rental Invoice Form

Whenever a person uses car rental services for a certain duration or distance, then he/she has to pay a certain amount to the car rental service owner and this amount is generally charged through a car rental invoice. Such an invoice acts as a proof that the services were used and must now be paid. A car rental invoice form is a form on the other hand is a document on which car rental companies create a completed bill transcript or receipt and hand it over to the customers to indicate the amount that is due for them to pay. A car rental invoice form is very useful for car rental service providers because it enables them to save their time rather than spend it on creating invoices after each service. The form consists of the main headings needed in an invoice of this nature and some of them include name of renter, description of car, distance travelled, time travelled, total amount due and the signature of the service user.  After the service provider fills in these entries, the form can be used as an actual invoice and can be used for further accounting and proof related tasks.

Sample Car Rental Invoice Form:

Car Rental Invoice form1


Download Car Rental Invoice Form


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