Business Rental Agreement Form

A business rental agreement needs to be drawn up when you there is a need to take a space on rent. The landlord and the tenant needs to agree on few things and these all should be put up on a document that should be signed and dated and is to be retained with both the parties. The most important point is the date from when the lease starts. Along with that, there should also be a mention of the lease expiry date. The space that is being let out needs to be described in details. Also, the landlord must clearly mention what all needs to be taken care of by the tenant – if there are any restricted areas, the tenant should be informed through this form and he must abide by the rules.

The rent amount needs to go up on the form. Also, if the rent amount needs to be hiked every year, the percentage and duration needs to be detailed on the form. The tenant needs to maintain discipline as long as he is using the hired space and needs to make sure that none of the other residents are getting disturbed by his actions – these points need to be on the form. Both the landlord and the tenant need to read and authorize the form as an acknowledgement.

Sample Business Rental Agreement Form

AppForm FOR rental


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