Application for Leave of Absence Form

When an employee had already used all their leaves yet they need to take another day off for valid reasons, a leave of absence is the one applicable for them. They will have a permission to have a  leave but they will never get a payment unlike their annual leave in which they will get a  salary.

Each companu had their own rules and regulations when it come to leave of absence of their employees as it can be use against their employees and the company due to excess leaves. But not all takes it against their employees as long as it is valid and authorized.

Application for leave of absence form is the document they can fill up to have their request be granted even if they already consumed all their annual leave, they must state the reason why they need to take their leave and the days they will take, this will be then to be approved by their employer or manager before granting their request. It must be given directly to the manager or employer and it is in their call if they will grant it or not. Like any other leave form it must be given in advance for preparation of manpower.

Application for Leave of Absence Form


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