Accounting staff evaluation form

An accounting staff evaluation form is much needed in every company to determine how much the employee is able to fulfill his duties successful- and also to point out the areas seeking improvement. Such a form allows both the employer and the accountant staff to identify the strength and weaknesses of the employee that in turn helps to check the negative consequences in future.

A perfect accounting staff evaluation form primarily focuses on an overall evaluation of the staff on the basis of some quality parameters, something like- Outstanding, Exceeds requirements/ expectations, Meet requirements/ expectations, Improvement needed & finally unsatisfactory performance. Added to this overall evaluation, an accounting staff evaluation form also focuses on the review of the employee’s job knowledge, problem solving & decision making capacity, planning/organizational abilities, communication (both written & verbal), teamwork capacity, adherence to company policy & self management.

Followed by these evaluation pointers there would detailed remarks on how the employee has fared in each of the set goals. Finally there would be a complete performance summary and rating on the accounting staff. A precise accounting staff evaluation form would involve 3 pages minimum. The review period should be stated on the top of the evaluation form.

Sample Accounting staff evaluation form

employee evaluation form


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