Accounting Services Agreement Form

Are you about to hire a new accountant for your business and looking for the perfect agreement form format? Well, the accounting agreement form is a much needed document both for the employer and the accounting employee. The agreement contract ensures that both of you are into a legally binding affair, where all the clauses have been duly agreed upon and signed by the two parties. Such a form would not only clarify the particular responsibilities or roles to be carried out by the accountant but also would explain the fee or payment structure to be performed on part of the employer.

A perfect detailed accounting agreement form would encompass all the major aspects of an accounting employment contract- these include pointers on commencement of appointment, the scope of the services & duties of the consultant, payment & fees, confidentiality clauses, dispute resolution, ownership of the developments, governing law etc. the term or tenure of the employment should be mentioned on the contract as well. The contract would commence stating the name of the parties into contract & conclude with signatures. An ideal elaborate accounting services agreement form generally covers up till 3 pages. All the terms and conditions finalized on the contract have to be followed religiously by both the employer & the accountant employee.

Sample Accounting Services Agreement Form



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