Accounting Job Application Form

Are you about to hire new accountants for your company? Well, the initial phase of hiring involves a thorough scanning of applications sent from prospective candidates for which you need to come up with a detailed accounting job application form. An accounting job application form makes the scanning easier for recruiters as these documents elaborately detail about the qualification, skills and the expectations of the potential candidates. So what do you need to have in a perfect accounting job application form? The form will involve around 4 pages starting with complete identity information requirements from the candidate. It would be followed by the position and salary desired and the4 preferred working hours for the candidate.

Next, the form would ask the candidate to detail about his/her educational qualifications and the academic institutions. A criminal background and driving license query also find a place in a job application form. Then, the form will ask about the technical skills of the candidate followed by references. Moreover, the accounting job application form would ask whether the person had any previous job experience. The candidate would have to disclose about his/her previous employers and job descriptions. Finally the form would seek permission from the candidate on whether you can contact his/her previous employers or not.

Sample Accounting Job Application Form



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