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Whenever a person appears in video which has been shot by another person or party, then the person being shot needs to give permission to the shooter regarding official release or use of the video.  This permission is granted by making use of a form in which the details of the video and details of its use are given.  Such forms are termed as video release forms. Video release forms are basically consent forms which make the public use of the video possible. These forms are not useful just for the person who appears in the video but also for the video maker.  Photojournalists or other movie makers are given legal permission through these forms and cannot thus be blamed for showcasing video without permission in the future.

A video release form consists of several sub categories or fields which have to be filled in by the person whose video has been shot. These fields lay down the specification of the actual use of the video and the purpose of the shooting.  In case a video release form is not signed or permission is not granted, the person in the video can object to violation of privacy.

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