Vendor Performance Evaluation Form

A vendor is a person or entity in the supply chain who is responsible for selling or supplying goods or services.  A vendor may either manufacture products or goods or may just sell them to vendees or retailers. It becomes very important to evaluate or assess the performance of a vendor so as to keep check on his/her credibility, behavior, benefits reaped and other such things.

The best way to do so is by using the method of vendor performance evaluation. A vendor performance evaluation is a kind of an evaluation which assesses the performance of a vendor on several grounds so as to come to a certain conclusion.

A vendor performance evaluation form is a document through which anyone can get a vendor performance evaluation in written form. These forms consist of all those fields, divisions and headings which are needed to conduct this sought of an evaluation.

Such forms are available in the market or can be found on the internet from where they can be downloaded for instant print and use. Some of the fields which such a form may consist of include name of vendor, performance rating, satisfaction rating, product quality, service quality, financial rating etc.

Sample Vendor Performance Evaluation Form:

Vendor Performance Evaluation Form

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