Vehicle Purchase Receipt Form

Whenever a vehicle seller, reseller or manufacturer makes the sales of a vehicle, he/she may hand over a bill to the vehicle buyer and this bill records the details of the purchase made. Such a bill is also termed as a vehicle purchase receipt. A vehicle purchase receipt is a mandatory document to use whenever sales of any vehicle is made. The receipt acts as a proof or record of the sales that has been made and also includes the price at which the vehicle was tagged. A vehicle purchase receipt form on the other hand is a document which can be used to jot down the details of a vehicle purchase receipt.

A vehicle purchase receipt form is an extremely important document and hence it must have a formal structure and format. These forms consist of the main headings which include the name of purchaser, address and phone number of purchaser, details of the vehicle such as the name, title, type, color, model as well as the price, the cost of the vehicle, the extra costs, the taxes as well as the total payment made. These headings can be filled in by the seller to complete the form and use it as a receipt.

Sample Vehicle Purchase Receipt Form:

Vehicle Purchase Receipt form

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