Vehicle Mileage and Cost Form

A vehicle mileage and cost form is a document which outlines the number of miles travelled by a vehicle, the fuel expenses, the kind and make of vehicle being run and other details, usually in the case of fuel reimbursement by another agency. Often a company provides fuel or travel allowance to its employees and this is where the vehicle mileage and cost form becomes very important for determining the exact reimbursement to be discharged. Care should be taken to enter information that is accurate and well checked so that the document is absolutely verified and reliable, generally, odometer readings form the basis on which the vehicle mileage and cost form is determined.

Other additional information like start date of trip, termination date, and place travelled to, condition of roads, other expenses may also be added to provide a comprehensive feel to the document and to leave no stone unturned in order to present an accurate vehicle mileage and cost form to the authorities. The document itself is issued by a company, and it is part of company protocol to have such documents at hand. It should be well written with adequate space for entering all relevant details. Colour can be added to give the document a more professional feel and there must be enough space for the employee to add comments if he chooses to.

You can Download the Vehicle Mileage and Cost Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Vehicle Mileage and Cost Form is in MS-Excel.

Vehicle Mileage and Cost Form

Vehicle Mileage and Cost Form

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