Trial Separation Agreement Form

The trial separation is the situation when a couple is getting separated on a trial basis and informally with mutual understanding or consent. This is not same as legal separation which requires legal procedures to be followed and completed. Trial separation is a personal decision made free of any standard legal procedures. Thus a trial separation agreement form is that form which the couple fills out when they are going for a trial separation and may want to formalise it in an agreement. It is not at all essential to get the agreement made formally- it is also a personal choice.

Whenever a trial separation agreement is being made it is essential that some of the common information is recorded in it. This will always include the details of the wife, details of the husband, details of their legally binding marriage/ alliance and the details or restrictions they have set for the trial separation, if any. The trial separation agreement form will also require all or most of this information to be filled in. The agreement form also becomes a part of the documentation in this case like the other documents and may be referred to by the couple as and when required as their situation progresses from trial separation.

Sample Trial Separation Agreement Form

Trial Separation Agreement Form

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