Travel Expense Reimbursement Claim Form

Employees of several companies and organizations are sent on official trips and are asked to travel on behalf of the company for business purposes. The expenses which the employee thus incurs on the travel or trip are known as travel expenses. The expenses incurred by the employee have to be paid for by the company and thus the employee must inform the higher officials about those expenses. This claim of expenses is often done through the method of a reimbursement form which is known as a travel expense reimbursement claim form.

A travel expense reimbursement claim form is a document through which an employee claims a travel expense which the company must reimburse to him/her. The form must consist of all the information which is needed in such claims. The following are some of the fields which are already present in such claim documents:

  • The name of the employee, the job position of the employee
  • The details of the travel-destination, flight fare, train fare, bus/taxi fare, food costs, hotel costs.
  • The date and time of travel

By filling in all these details and presenting the bill receipts, an employee can be granted his/her claimed amount of money.

Sample Travel Expense Reimbursement Claim Form:

Sample Travel Expense Reimbursement Claim form

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