Training appraisal form

The importance of training evaluation is very high and the best possible way of achieving the most crucial feedback on how a trainee performed. The process of training appraisal also helps the company determine how effectively they provided the training and it helps the trainee to ascertain how he will perform in the real professional world. It also helps in providing in depth information on whether the set training objectives were effectively met. A standard training appraisal form consists of the few pointers which the trainee needs to complete. Few of such standards are as followed:

  1. The raining objectives are very clearly defined
  2.  Participation and active interaction in the process was encouraged
  3. The topics that were covered were relevant to the trainee
  4. The content of the training was organized as well as easy to maneuver
  5. The experience of the training will further help the trainee in his/her work
  6. The trainer seemed well prepared
  7. The objectives were effectively met
  8. The allotted training period was sufficient

The trainees need to fill up the form on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is strongly disagree and 5 is strongly agree. According to the training appraisal form, then the efficacy of the training procedure is determined.

Sample Training appraisal form

Training appraisal form



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