Tenant Release Form

When a landlord and a tenant are bound in an agreement or contract for the lease or rent of a property, the effective period of contract is said to be ‘on’. But once the effective period terminates and the parties are no longer bound with one another, they may sign or fill out a form which is known as a release form. A form which the landlord fills to release or free the tenant of paying the rent is known as a tenant release form. A tenant release form is basically a form which is used to indicate the termination of the agreement and arrangement made between a tenant and a landlord.

A tenant release form consists of several details such as the names and address of the parties, the termination date of the lease agreement, the information about the lease or rent and the information about the property which was on rent. The form is filled in and signed by the landlord and is sent to the tenant to inform him/her that he/she shall no longer be allowed to use the property and would no longer be required to pay the rent. Such forms can be downloaded for easy use.

Sample Tenant Release Form:

Tenant release form

Download Form

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