Subcontractor Lien Release Form

A subcontractor lien is a subcontractor claim which is made in the case when a subcontractor wants safeguard or safety from the general contractor so that the payment is made to him.  A subcontractor lien is a legal condition or document which states that the subcontractor must get the payment for his/her services so that all kinds of disputes can be avoided. A subcontractor lien release form is a form which is used in the case when the subcontractor frees the general contractor of any payment claims. The formstates the fact that the subcontractor has now been paid and will no longer hold any claims on the general contractor for payment of services.

Such a form is released to showcase the termination of subcontractor lien and should state in detail the names, addresses and contact numbers of the parties. The form should also give the payment amount as well as the service details which the subcontractor had to provide for the construction project. Any subcontractor lien release form consists of only the main headings whereas the rest of the details must be filled in by the user who is the contractor or subcontractor in most of the cases.

Sample Subcontractor Lien Release Form:

Subcontractor Lien Release Form

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