Student Incident Report Form

Whenever in a school or college, an incident takes place such as a fight, a damage to property or any other such mis-happening, students who are present on the site as eye witnesses must report the incident to the higher authorities of the institutions so that the right action can be taken and the cause or result of the incident can be understood.

The form which is issued by the school or college authorities so that a student can easily report the incident is known as a student incident report form.

A student incident report form is a document which consists of the various fields which can help a student in reporting the incident very clearly and to the best of his/her knowledge. The following are some of the headings or fields which are present in a student incident report form:

  • Name of the student, class, section
  • Date of incident, location of incident, time of incident
  • Description of the incident
  • Reporting teacher name, proof of being an eye witness at the date and time of incident.

By filling out all these entries in the form, a student can give his/her signature and submit the form to the authorities.

Sample Student Incident Report Form:

Student Incident Report Form


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