Standard Business Financial Statement Form

A standard business financial statement form is a document which outlines the profit and loss statement of the business for a particular period of time, usually the end of one fiscal year. It is a statement which shows the income generated by the business, the sources from which the money has been earned, the expenses of the business and the reasons for those expenses. Thus, it is a complete summary of all the major financial transactions of the business enterprise. It is hence an important document which must be given due consideration, in fact it is probably the most important document of the company and is also necessary for the purpose of taxation.

Any errors in this document may result in legal hassles. The document can be created on any suitable software, with the addition of graphs, charts and other clarifying tools to make it comprehensive and accurate. The facts included in the standard business financial statement form must be verified and double-checked. Care should be taken to make the document a lucid and transparent one with the major articles of importance suitable highlighted or emphasised. Colour, the company logo, a well-made design are additional touches which lend the standard business financial statement form a professional and attractive feel.

You can Download the Standard Business Financial Statement Form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Standard Business Financial Statement Form is in MS-Excel.

Standard Business Financial Statement Form

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