Software Evaluation Form

A software evaluation form is the form which is used by any individual or a group or an entity when certain software is being evaluated. The form in this situation is the document on which all of the details from the point of view of the evaluator are being recorded. Evaluations of the software are an essential part of the whole software development and monitoring process. There can be two situations where such an evaluation is conducted- one when the developers of the software are conducting evaluation with the point of view of building new or improved software. Here the organisation would be the manufacturer/ maker of the software.

Second would be the situation where a client or a client organisation is evaluating the software to access the working efficiency of the software and making upgrades etc. Either way the evaluation form may be same or at least the format can be same. the basic structure of the evaluation form would be to firstly collect the basic initial info about the software, then the info about the functioning and performance of the software and then may be the suggestions of the users and evaluators. These evaluation forms are a good tool which are later on analysed to draw inferences and evaluating its overall performance.

Sample Software Evaluation Form

Software Evaluation Form

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