Separation form format

A separation form format consists of the details which should be considered while drafting a separation form. This type of format lays down the terms and conditions which are to be followed while drafting such form

Sample Separation form format:

  • Name & contact details of the husband seeking separation
  • Name & Present address of the wife willing to separate
  • A declaration is to be made in order to demonstrate the issues associated with this separation.
  • Marriage date, place and time should be mentioned for which the couple is alleging divorce.
  • Children custody should be discussed here by giving the details of their name, date of birth and age. Allowance for the maintenance of children should be declared.
  • Spouse settlement and property issues must be declared in the separation form by mentioning the amount and time of the payment.
  • Explain if any copy of any kind of the declaration is enclosed with the separation form.
  • An announcement of the Adjudicator is must for approving the separation.
  • Signature of the couple and Attorney should be mentioned at the end.
  • Date of separation and place where the separation takes place should be mentioned.

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