Self-Assessment Registration Form

Whenever a person signs up for a self-assessment course or a survey, he/she may be required to fill in a form or a document to register himself/herself for the particular course or survey. These types of documents are commonly known as self-assessment registration forms.

These types of forms help to enter the candidate into the course/survey and prove useful for record and reference purposes. There are many organizations or companies which may conduct such courses/surveys and they may need to register each new member or applicant and these forms are the perfect way to do so.

The following are some of the more details about self-assessment registration forms:

  • A self-assessment registration form is useful for those who may not know how to register people for self-assessment courses or surveys and help companies save their valuable time.
  • These forms already consist of most of the information or headings that are needed for registration forms and no customization etc. is further needed.
  • The user can quickly fill in his/her details such as name, address, contact number, email address etc. in the form to complete it.
  • A form of this type is easily available online and can be downloaded by anyone.

Sample Self-Assessment Registration Form:

Self-Assessment Registration Form


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