School Field Trip Permission Form

School field trips refer to the journey made by a certain group of school students to a place that is away from their school. Essentially the trip is made to a place different from the normal environment, that is, the school environment of the students. The purpose of any such trip is usually related to educating the respective students. The school field trip permission forms refer to the forms that the respective school authorities ask the parents or guardians of those who are participating in the field trip to fill out. It is a standard procedure for the authorities of the institution to make it a requirement for all the participants of the field to give the form.

Filling out of this form is also a relief in legal liability on part of the institution organising the field trip. In the trip permission forms the guardians or the parents give their consent to the authorities and certify that they have permitted the respective student to go on the field trip. The forms would generally record the details of the individual participating in the field trip, the details of the guardian/ parent giving the permission and a declaration of consent etc.

Sample School Field Trip Permission Form

School Field Trip Permission Form

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