Restaurant Receipt Form

Every restaurant hands over a bill which includes the cost of the items ordered by the guests along with the taxes on the food and drinks. Such a bill is known as a restaurant receipt and is a very commonly used document at restaurants. Without a receipt, it may be difficult for guests to know exactly what they are paying for. Since restaurants need to draft and hand over such receipts on an everyday basis, they may make use of a form which is known as a restaurant receipt form. A restaurant receipt form consists of the broad headings which a receipt of this type must have and its several copies can be printed for regular use.

A restaurant receipt form is a commonly used document which is not just very time saving but is also quick and easy to fill in. some of the fields of information which such forms consist of are the name of the restaurant, the items ordered by the guest, the cost of each item, the total amount, the taxes put and the total amount payable. The form also has space for the customer or guest to sign so as to showcase their consent for payment.

Sample Restaurant Receipt Form:


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