Restaurant Employee Performance Evaluation Form

For every restaurant, it is very important to evaluate the performance of its various employees so as to figure out which employees can be laid off and which employees deserve to be promoted or given an appraisal. Restaurant employee performance evaluation is a process by which a restaurant assesses the performance of the employees and this kind of an evaluation is usually done in written format using a form known as a restaurant employee performance evaluation form. The form can be in the format of a questionnaire which the owner or manager of the restaurant has to answer.

The following are some of the fields or headings which are present in restaurant employee performance evaluation forms:

  • The name of the restaurant employee, his/her date of joining and job designation.
  • The ability of the employee to take orders and follow them.
  • The ability of the employee to take responsibility and be reliable.
  • The job attendance percentage of the employee.
  • Rating of the employee for honesty, dedication, diligence and other skills.
  • Scope for improvement, instances of good performance etc.

The respondent and fill in these details to come to a conclusion about the performance or the restaurant employee.

Sample Restaurant Employee Performance Evaluation Form:

Restaurant Employee Performance Evaluation Form

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