Research Consent Form

A research consent form is an information sheet that enables the research participants to understand the scope of the research, their involvement in it and the rights and risks of the participants while involved in research. All the mentioned information is stated in simple language so that everyone has a clear understanding of what they are getting and there is no confusion later. The major information that needs to be included in the form is as follows:

  • Name of the institution facilitating the project along with its address
  • Name, stream of study and designation of all the people involved in the research
  • Name and designation of the person supervising the research
  • Aim of the research
  • A short description of the roles and responsibilities that the participants will be assigned
  • Security and confidentiality clause like who will have access to all the personal information of the research team and who will have access to the findings and the progress of the research
  • Risks associated with the research in terms of health also risk to the institution if any
  • A clear statement of the course of action that the researchers should take in case the supervisor needs to be relieved of his/her duties
  • Statement that the participation in the research is completely voluntary
  • Signature of participant and governing body with date

Sample Research Consent Form:

Research Consent Form


                                                                                                Download Template


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