Rental Property Inventory Form

Whenever a property owner puts the property on rent, he/she hands over not only the property but also a lot of the belongings of that home or office space to the tenant or lessee. In such a case, it is important to maintain a list of all the items that have been given on rent along with the rental property such as the bed, almirahs, sofas etc.

This kind of a list is known as a rental property inventory and is made by either the landlord or the tenant to keep check on the items and their condition at the time of rent.

A rental property inventory form is a document which helps landlords and tenants to form an inventory list easily and in lesser time period. The form is already provided with the main headings, list of items and other information which means that the user only has to tick the items of inventory and mention their condition at the space given on the side.

These forms are very useful and hence very popular all across the world. These can be downloaded by logging on the internet and are mostly available for free of cost everywhere.

Sample Rental Property Inventory Form:

Rental Property Inventory Form


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