Rental Lease Release Form

Whenever an agreement or an association between a lessor and a lessee for the rent of a property or equipment comes to end, the lessor may issue a document to indicate that the lessee has been released from the lease and shall no longer be using the property/equipment and paying the rent. The document on which this legal termination is recorded is termed as a rental lease release form. A rental lease release form is a formally drafted document which records all the details necessary to terminate the rental lease and some of these details may be the settlement of rent payment, settlement of other disputes, settlement of extra maintenance cost and the terms which now no longer hold true.

A rental lease release form acts as a proof of the fact that the lessor and lessee shall no longer be bound in an agreement together and are free of their respective roles and responsibilities. The release form also records their personal information such as their names, addresses, contact numbers etc. as well as the details of the property or equipment that was put on rent or lease. The release form should also have the date of release or termination.

Sample Rental Lease Release Form:

rental lease release form

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