Rent Contract Form

Rent contract is a document that is entered when an individual or an organization known as the landlord gives their property on rent to another individual or an organization known as the tenant for a fixed period of time and for a fixed amount of money. While drafting such contracts various information regarding the parties as well as terms and conditions entered between them are noted down in a form which is known as a rent contract form. Though details in these forms may vary depending upon the type of the contract but some of the important and common ones include the following:

  • Name, address and contact details of the landlord and the tenant.
  • Address of the property that is being rented out.
  • Start and end date of the contract.
  • Whether it is a month to month or half yearly or annual contract.
  • If agreed by both parties can this contract be extended?
  • Monthly rent payable by the tenant
  • The day of the month by which the rent must be paid
  • Security deposit payable by the tenant.
  • Terms and conditions for the refund of the security deposit
  • Facilities and appliances those are included in the rented premises
  • In case of damage to property role and liability of tenant
  • Name of utilities to be paid by tenant
  • Signature of both parties with date

Sample Rent Contract Form


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