Property Receipt Form

Whenever a property owner sells off or leases off the property to another person or party, then the owner may use a bill or receipt to record the sale or lease of the property with its exact amount.  Such a bill or receipt is known as a property receipt. Because it may not be possible for all property owners, sellers and lessors to prepare or draft the receipt, they may make use of a property receipt form.A property receipt form is a kind of a form which acts as a bill for the payment that has been made by the buyer or the lessee to the owner or the lessor.

A property receipt form indicates the amount that was due and which has been paid and may also include the taxes, extra payments or pending payment amounts. The date on which the payment has been made is also very important to be included in a property receipt form. A property receipt form acts as a proof of the made payment and can also be produced as evidence if the owner denies receiving the payment in the future. Such forms can be downloaded from the web by anyone for their use.

Sample Property Receipt Form:

Property Receipt Form


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