Product Release Form

Whenever a manufacturing company creates and completes a new product, it may draft a document which consists of the details of the product and the information about its manufacturing. This kind of a document is termed as a product release form. A product release form is common to and extremely important to all manufacturing companies as it helps them record the products they have created or launched. The form is formally drafted and uses a professional format and tone. It lays down the various details about the product such as its name, its color, description, size, use, time taken to manufacture, price, material etc.

A product release form is indicative of the fact that the product has been rolled out or released to be sold out to the consumers.  It may also consist of certain other information such as the name of the company, the name of the manager responsible for releasing the product etc. Product release forms consist of the main headings but the exact product specific details have to be entered into the blank spaces by the users of the form. Companies create plenty of such forms and then use them as and when a product has to be released.

Sample Product Release Form :

product release form

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