Personal Property Release Form

A personal property release is a situation in which a personal property owner releases a tenant of that property from the tenancy arrangement or effective term. The release can be either communicated verbally or may be recorded or communicated with the tenant in the form of a written document. This written document is known as a personal property release form. A personal property release form is basically a form which is used to indicate the fact that the tenant is released from the use of the property in the capacity of a tenant and will no longer be required to make a rental payment for the usage of the personal property of the landlord or owner.

A personal property release form is a legally binding document which must lay down the various details of the parties involved as well as the details about the personal property. The form should state the exact date of the termination or release to be used as proof in any legal matters in the future. A personal property release form is of importance for both the parties and must be framed carefully following a professional format and structure. Such forms can be downloaded from the web.

Sample Personal Property Release Form

Personal Property Release Form

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