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A personal project is a kind of a project which a person takes on for himself or for his/her benefit.  When a personal or a student creates an idea for a personal project to be taken up at a school or a college then he/she may send across that idea for approval in the form of a proposal.  This kind of a proposal is termed as a personal project proposal. A personal project proposal is a proposal that a person drafts to get his/her project theme approved and is a formal document.

A personal project proposal form is a document using which anyone can jot down the details of a personal project proposal. These forms consist of all the main headings and categories but the information which has to be written against the blanks has to be filled in by the user to create his/her own proposal.

Some headings which are already given in personal project proposal forms are name of sender, title of project, objective of project, details of project, estimated cost, estimated time etc. These forms are not only very time saving but also make it easy for users to quickly draft proposals which may have otherwise taken a lot of time.

Sample Personal Project Proposal Form:

Personal Project Proposal Form

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