Neurological Assessment Form

A hotel complaint form is a written form of document which is considered formal in nature. It is a kind of complaint received by the authority or management associated in handling complaints regarding of a person who experienced issues with a particular hotel regarding the quality of service rendered. The person who made the complaint letter and filed against that hotel management will be kept confidential and recorded through the use of this form. However, any form of inconsistencies in the complainant statement will hold him or her liable against action.

Such forms are used to be submitted to an authorized organization or institution which is responsible to take immediate and necessary actions against the management of the hotel being complained so that in the future there will be no such things as repeated cases of issues to happen. The information about the complainant will also need to be included in the said form.

With the help of using this kind of complaint form, will make the management of the hotel aware and know the areas which needs concern for improvement to prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Sample Neurological Assessment Form


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