Mortgage Lien Release Form

A mortgage lien is the conditional ownership of a home loan provider or lender on the home for which loan has been taken. This means that the lender has an ownership right on the property or home until the borrower pays off the debt. But when the debt is paid off, the lender must issue a form stating that the borrower is now free of the conditional boundation and this form is called mortgage lien release form. A mortgage lien release form is a formally drafted document which states that the debt has been completed and the lender will no longer hold the right over the property.

A mortgage lien release form gives the details of both the lender and the borrower and must also state the mortgage amount as well. The document is legally binding which means that after its release, the parties will no longer be bound together in the lien in any way. Many examples and samples of mortgage lien release forms are available online and can be downloaded either for free or for a cost by any person who wants to issue such a form. The form is filled in by the lender and sent to the borrower.

Sample Mortgage Lien Release Form:

Mortgage Lien Release Form

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